Our Story

Our Story

A.B.S. started out as A.B.S. Crew, a group of break dancers who performed dance and acrobatic shows all around the world. With a background in high-level gymnastics, Rosh, the founder, began training other dancers, stunt actors and circus artists in tumbling and acrobatics.

With a high demand for good quality, progression-based training, Rosh decided he should open his own facility to further share his knowledge. In 2016, A.B.S. Training Centre opened its doors and since then, it’s only been growing!

The foundation of all training at A.B.S. is based on gymnastics principles so we strongly believe in teaching our athletes in a safe, progressive manner. We believe strength and mobility are the foundations for all skills and tricks, so we constantly push our athletes to obtain an adequate level of fitness before attempting anything new.

Our goal is to enhance the motor skills and physical fitness of anyone who walks through our doors, while simultaneously building confidence, self-esteem and discipline. By training in a challenging but fun atmosphere, athletes will not only learn the skills to overcome the physical and mental obstacles of training, but in life as well.

The Meaning behind A•B•S

The ideals around what high-quality training entails has created a shift in the way coaches approach training programs for their athletes. Unfortunately, this shift is geared towards short-term results that focus on attaining skills as quickly as possible for competition and performance benefits. The outcomes of this type of training approach is the most detrimental to the athlete as it hinders both their physical and psychological progress. Physically, their tricks end up looking rushed and messy, and they often end up with injuries from improper training. But more importantly, their psychological progress is negatively affected. When an athlete’s training program is primarily focused on short-term results, they begin to develop a short-term mind set which replaces the concept of patience, hard work and long-term progress with the need for instant gratification. The athlete begins to think “one trick, one performance” at a time instead of trying to visualize where they could be 5 years from now, thus no real long-term goals are even considered. Ultimately this results in training plateaus and years of wasted time as months are spent focusing on one skill at a time instead of trying to understand the foundations that will help them continuously improve, year after year.
Abstract Breaking Systems aims to bring back high-quality, disciplined training that is guaranteed to continually produce long-term results by breaking the current training systems and ideals. Our abstract approach combines multiple disciplines such as gymnastics, circus arts and dance which allows us to create dynamic, progression-oriented training programs for all ages and skill levels. Strength, coordination, and flexibility are commonly overlooked and  underdeveloped areas of current training programs. Therefore, our goal at ABS is to focus on these foundational dimensions of training to help coach and educate our athletes on what high-quality training involves and the importance of it. We aim to re-develop the athlete’s mindset from short-term, extrinsically motivated concepts to long-term, intrinsically motivated goals that will allow them to see the value in what hard work and dedication can truly accomplish. Trust the process!