The A•B•S Performance Team is an elite group of individuals and coaches who specialize in Theatre, Circus, Dance and, Acrobatics. The team is designed to bring together the athletic art forms of Dance, Acrobatics and, Circus under one roof by inspiring creativity, building on strengths and forming a supportive community of well-rounded performers. We welcome all individual and group acts (ages 8+) who are motivated, committed, and looking for exciting challenges in the performance industry. 

Step 1:  Photo and Online Video Submission

Please email submissions to:
** Submissions due by Septemeber 27, 2018

Submissions must include:
– full name/group name
– age
– phone number
– years experience in your art/sport.
– video link via Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
– recent headshot

All video submissions should be 1-2 minutes in length. Full act videos longer than 2 minutes will be accepted.
Please note that video files attached to email submissions will not be accepted.

Video submissions accepted will be notified via email to attend the Live Audition.

Step 2:  Live Audition

When: September 29th and 30th
Time: 11am (Saturday), 1:30pm (Sunday)
Location: ABS Training Centre  (817 Brock Road, Unit 2, Pickering, ON., L1W 3L9)

What to wear:  Black form fitted clothing.  T-shirts should not be baggy.
What to bring:  water/towel/equipment necessary for performance.  ABS Training Centre will provide, silks, hoop, static trapeze and hand balancing pegs if needed.  For special rigging requirements, please contact ABS Training Centre prior to audition day.
What to expect:  Be prepared for anything!  Each individual/group should be prepared to perform any existing acts.

*** There will be a strength, flexibility, movement/dance portion to the audition as well as skills demonstration.

ABS Training Centre will be open one hour before auditions to allow for registration and proper warmup.

More information regarding commitment, important dates and team fees will be provided at the audition.

Please contact with any questions.

Upon acceptance, you will be contacted within (time period) by one of our team members with details of your new journey.
** information above can be mentioned at audition instead?
** Selected performers will be required to train two times per week (specifics??)
** Upcoming performance dates: December 21st, 22nd and, 23rd
Good Luck!