Roshan Amendra

Roshan Amendra, also known as “Rosh”, is the owner and director of A.B.S. Training Centre. Since the age of six, Rosh trained to the highest level possible in gymnastics, competing with Team Canada for over 10 years.  He has also performed on many stages internationally as an acrobat, break dancer, tumbler, choreographer, director, stilt walker, aerialist, and stuntman. Some have said that seeing Rosh in action is like simultaneously riding a rollercoaster and watching fireworks with his precise movement and versatile skill set on the ground and in the air!  However, as impressive as that is, the tricks and list of credentials are not what feeds his passion. What matters most to Rosh, is the foundational training that supports the strength, biomechanics and fluidity of movement — not only for gymnastics — but for any sport or movement discipline.

With the combined knowledge of Rosh’s former coaches and fellow athletes, Rosh has developed and system that not only gains results for skills but also acts as a training system to prevent and rehabilitate all types of injuries.  An overlooked and key component for the longevity of movement.  Certified as a coach, Rosh has a zen-like teaching style and philosophy.  A keen observer of the nuances of body mechanics, Rosh focuses his attention on the unique and distinctive movement patterns of each student. Some of those patterns are helpful, but often the student will demonstrate habits that actually hinder progress. Furthermore, Rosh probes how the student thinks, which reveals underlying issues. In a sense, the mind/body can conspire to keep the student from improving. But when you know, trust and apply the technique — everything works!

Rosh says he does not train and condition muscles. He trains and conditions the nervous system. By making incremental changes in the way the muscles fire, gradually the brain rewires to develop more beautiful, healthy and efficient patterns.  Virtually all of his students — and parents — testify to fascinating changes in their body mechanics. Flexibility has increased. Strength is reliable. And, most importantly, their approach and execution are transformed.
Rosh says, “I don’t care how tall or short you are. I don’t care if you have physical issues or even if you have lost a limb. I don’t care if you have Autism or ADD or ADHD. What I do care about is that you bring your passion, your deep desire to learn, your discipline, your dedication — because I can work with those and I can guarantee that together we will change your world.”


Deryn Sherk

Deryn’s interest in human movement developed from her involvement in competitive cheerleading and training in gymnastics and circus. This led her to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Humber College. While completing her education, she gained extensive knowledge in human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, biophysics and exercise technique and prescription. With a desire to further her knowledge of sports injuries and athlete development, she is currently completing a Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan University. Deryn’s education has provided her with the ability to understand the psychology of athletes during training, how their bodies react and adapt to various training stimuli and how to properly develop athletes over a long-term period.

In addition to school, Deryn has trained under Rosh for many years, advancing her understanding of tumbling, handstands and aerial circus. She has also obtained gymnastics coaching certifications from the National Coaching Certification Program, as well as received training on athlete development from high-performance training facilities such as EXOS and the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Deryn combines the science-based knowledge from her schooling with practical experiences learned through her own training to provide high quality coaching to every athlete that works with her. Knowing very well the importance of a strong foundation and correct psychological approach to training, she is guaranteed to help all athletes develop the strength, mobility, movement patterns and mindset to reach their peak athletic potential.


Dora Yaneva

Dora is a former undefieted Canadian Showdance Campion, World Championship runner up, 3rd at the most prestigious competition in the world and many national and international titles. As a creator of her own conditioning, strenghtening and flexibility programs for dancers and non dancers, she is very passionate about bringing health and fitness into peoples life,and helping them achieve their goals and lifestyle. When Dora first was introduced to Kangoo Jumps and their workout classes she immediately fell in love with them and impressed how complete and optimum is the effect. Than she knew she has to bring it Totonto and GTA and make available for people to experience and achieve healthy lifestyle .

Interested in joining our team?

At A.B.S. we take pride in providing the highest level of training to everyone that has a passion to learn. This can only happen with a highly disciplined system that is consistent, persistent, strict, technical, progressive and results based. We set high standards and demand that all our athletes and coaches meet them. If you are a driven individual that strives to learn and understand the art of coaching, long-term athlete development, as well as the technical components of hundreds of skills on ground and apparatus, then we would love to hear from you. A.B.S. is open to C.I.T. (coach in training) positions as well as regular part-time coaching positions.