Strength & Conditioning

Our conditioning classes are designed to improve strength, endurance and power. The exercises we use are based off of gymnastics conditioning programs and primarily use body weight as a form of resistance. Occasionally, the use of some light weights or resistance bands will be added, depending on the exercise. We also incorporate plyometrics to increase power, and cardio exercises like jumping rope and running to build endurance.

Taking the time to focus on a structured conditioning program is essential for progression and skill development in any discipline. For athletes with no prior experience, this class is highly recommended to develop the fitness needed for aerial circus, tumbling, breakdance, etc.

Our Strength & Conditioning classes are open to all fitness levels Рcoaches will adjust exercises according to each athlete’s ability and their improvements over time.

Fitness assessments by a qualified staff member can be done for those who want to closely monitor their progression.

This class is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to get stronger, faster and more powerful
  • Circus artists, dancers and cheerleaders who want to build strength and endurance for routines and performances
  • Tumblers and stunters who need that extra bit of strength for higher level skills
  • Anyone wishing to lose weight, tone up or just try a challenging, new workout