Aerial Circus

This class follows a progressive program to build up the level of strength and endurance needed to succeed at aerial circus. Beginner athletes will use the silks to learn how to climb, tie foot locks and do the basics of other skills.

Although these classes heavily focus on conditioning exercises, it may take months before adequate upper body and grip strength is developed to start learning moves and tricks. Once athletes are able complete our Level 1 silks conditioning program with ease, they can start to learn poses, wraps and drops, eventually creating their own routines and performing if they wish. Aerial hoop, rope, trapeze and hammock may also be incorporated into class as tools for conditioning, doing variations of skills and developing creativity.

This class is ideal for:

  • Those interested in building a strong foundation on aerial apparatus
  • Anyone who desires to be a professional circus performer
  • Those who wish to improve their upper body, core and grip strength
  • Anyone wanting to try a new, challenging form of exercise

*It is highly recommended that athletes in this class wear form fitting clothing, full or ¾ length leggings/pants and either bare feet or socks