Acrobatics (Partner Balancing)


Discover the Thrill of Partner Balancing and Acrobatics!

Are you ready to elevate your athletic skills to new heights? Our Partner Balancing and Acrobatics class at ABS offers a unique and exhilarating opportunity to build strength, balance, and cooperative technique. Whether you’re an aspiring acrobat or a seasoned cheerleader looking to expand your repertoire, this class is designed to challenge and inspire you.

Acrobatics is a dynamic discipline that combines physical strength, precise balance, and seamless teamwork. While many are familiar with cheerleading stunts—lifts, tosses, and balances between two or more individuals—these stunts are just the beginning. In our class, we delve into the broader and more intricate world of acrobatics, exploring principles of counterbalance, perfecting body positions for both flyers and bases, and fostering the collaborative spirit necessary to achieve acrobatic excellence.

Our curriculum focuses on developing both balance and dynamic elements. Balance skills involve mastering static positions, creating intricate pyramids, and transitioning smoothly between various balances and aerial positions. These static elements are essential for building the foundation of partner acrobatics. On the other hand, dynamic skills introduce you to the excitement of inverting, twisting, and tossing, with precise landings on the floor or catches by the base partner(s). This combination ensures that athletes not only learn the fundamentals but also prepare for more advanced and complex acrobatic feats.

Through our Partner Balancing and Acrobatics class, athletes will gain a deeper understanding of how to work in tandem with partners, developing trust and communication that are critical for success. The class emphasizes the importance of synchronized effort and mutual support, teaching participants how to be both strong and supportive bases and agile and confident flyers.

Join us at ABS and experience the unparalleled joy and challenge of acrobatics. Whether you’re looking to improve your cheerleading stunts or embark on a new acrobatic journey, our class offers the perfect environment to grow, learn, and excel. Let’s reach new heights together!

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Drop-In, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks

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