Saturday House, Hip-Hop &
Breakdance instructors!

Join our weekly classes in up to THREE different dance styles that you’ve never had the opportunity to try. No experience is necessary; we work with all levels and ages! We take the time to teach you the styles patiently and authentically right from the start!

Free Open Session

Saturday 2-3pm

Free Open Session

(practice, stretch and warm-up)

The session is an opportunity to review, practice and explore. It takes time to learn challenging movements and it requires practice to retain it. During the session, you can stretch, ask questions and continue to hone your skills. Best part? It’s FREE if you are taking any of the dance classes.

Supervised by:  Lee and Kate

House Dancing

Saturday 3-4pm

Not sure what House Dance is? Take a look

House is a style of dance that originated in the late 70’s and early 80’s from underground clubs in Chicago and New York.The style was influenced by several types of movement, including: Tap, African dance, Latin dance, and martial arts. House Dance is about freedom, improvisation, and feeling the music. It focuses on footwork patterns and grooves. Great for those looking to learn unique ways to move and how to create your own steps. Set yourself apart by learning this underground style!


Instructor:  Kate


Saturday 4-5pm

Our Hip hop class isn’t like your typical hip hop choreography class. In addition to learning some choreography, you will also be learning the fundamentals of the hip hop steps and grooves as well as how to apply proper form and purpose when dancing. We start right from the beginning and will have you bouncing and grooving in no time. Learn how to dance and not just copy what someone else is doing.

Instructor:  Kate

Breakin' 1

Saturday 5-6pm

Breakin’ or known as breakdancing is the original dance of hip hop that you’ve seen all over the media and soon to see in the Olympics. We start right from the beginning and will be teaching everything you need to know about the style. It’s perfect for those that like acrobatic movements, martial arts and freestyle.

Instructor:  Lee

Breakin' 2

Saturday 6-7pm

Instructor:  Lee

Our Instructors

Lee “Lethal” Pham

Lee “Lethal” Pham is an Artist and Producer. Known in the b-boy community as Lethal, he is a fifth generation member of world-renowned b-boy crew Supernaturalz. He was also a part of Toronto-based contemporary company The Chimera Project. He has proudly represented Canada on television and stages across the world. He passionately teaches breakin’ and is determined to positively engage communities at a global level. As a producer he works in the film, event, and entertainment industry.

Kate Shkinova

Kate Shkinova began dancing at the age of 11 in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Moving to Toronto, she connected and now trains with notable street dancers such as Matthew “Knoxander” Walker and Raoul Wilke. She actively expands her hip hop and house vocabulary and is known for her intense training mentality, complex concepts, unique style, and flow. She continues to rep in battle and cyphers and has made a name for herself in the street all-style dance community.

Fees, Promotions and Discounts

  • Signing up as a group of three or more? Let us know – additional discounts will apply
  • Sign up for more than one (8 week session) dance class and get a 10% discount
  • Open session (2-3pm) is FREE for anybody that is registered for a dance class! That is a full extra hour of training!

Cost per class: $200 for 8 weeks
Drop in rate: $30 per class

Please note:
All prices are subject to HST and the $40 + tax ABS Training Centre yearly registration fee applies. 
Dance class prices are different then the ABS training centre classes.  The prices will be reflected when purchasing online.

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