Our tumbling classes place a heavy focus on proper technique and progressive methods that lead to advanced skills. We strongly emphasize the development of proprioception, spatial awareness, coordination and skill acquisition. Qualified instructors may assist participants with hands on spotting techniques for safety, to ensure proper body alignment and to create “muscle memory.”  Equipment such as harnesses may be used as well to give athletes a better understanding of the skills they are learning.

Our tumbling classes are ideal for:

  • Dancers and cheerleaders looking to refine their skills, get in some extra training or get over a mental block
  • Circus artists or acrobats wanting to develop skills for aerial apparatus or partner tricks
  • Break dancers looking to develop their power moves
  • Stunt actors wishing to learn new tricks or improve existing skills

To meet everyone’s needs, we offer 2 types of tumbling classes:

Tumbling Foundations

  • Focuses on coordination, proprioception (knowing what your body is doing at all times) and spatial awareness
  • Develops the power, speed and strength for all tumbling moves, both beginner and advanced
  • Conditions the joints (mainly wrists and ankles) to be able to handle loads safely, reducing injury and joint pain
  • Teaches correct technique to perform handstands, rolls, cartwheels, round offs, aerials, walkovers and back handspring drills
  • Take-off and landing drills are taught in preparation for more advanced skills
  • Strong emphasis is placed on proper body positioning throughout every movement

Tumbling Skills

  • Still incorporates some aspects from Tumbling Foundations, but with more focus on specific, higher level skills
  • Fundamental movement patterns developed from the Tumbling Foundations class are applied to back handsprings, tucks, connected skills, twisting and more
  • It is strongly recommended that athletes in this class also do the Tumbling Foundations class or have a strong gymnastics background in the foundational skills already