Beginner and Avanced

    Our tumbling classes have a strong focus on proper technique and progressive methods that lead to advanced skills. In addition to skill development, the training will emphasize flexibility, strength and spatial awareness.  We will ensure that proper technique is being achieved while executing the most basic motor skills. Qualified instructors will assist each participant with hands on spotting techniques for safety, to ensure proper body alignment and to create muscle memory. Equipment such as harnesses may be used as well to give the athletes a better understanding of the skills they are learning.

    In the Beginner Tumbling class, participants will learn the correct technique to perform handstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, walkovers and back handspring drills.  A strong emphasis is placed on proper body positioning throughout every movement. Athletes will also be exposed to correct take-off and landing drills and body and spatial awareness exercises. This will set the foundation for progression to intermediate and advanced skills.

    Once the skills in the Beginner Tumbling class are mastered, athletes may join our Advanced Tumbling class. This will still include the basics, but participants will be training for higher level skills. Fundamental movement patterns developed from our Basic Tumbling class will be applied to aerial backward moving skills, connected skills, inverted positions, twisting and more.