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A•B•S is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to discover their potential, stay healthy, and experience a part of gymnastics and circus arts.

About the ABS Training Program

Creating a life long healthy and creative athlete

The ABS training system is an elite program designed to bring together the athletic art forms of tumbling, circus and urban dance under one roof! Our program goals are to educate, build on strengths, inspire creativity, and form a supportive community of performers. We welcome all participants who are motivated and looking for exciting challenges to become well-rounded athletes and performers.

“Learn from a program based on fundamentals & mindful training”


We have a wide array of classes

Our program is for all body types and fitness levels.  The core fundamentals we teach are of gymnastics based so that any sports, activity or movement style the student participates in will be enhanced.  Our secret ingredients are to tackle the fundamentals of movement and add the knowledge and awareness of “technique” balanced with the student’s current body awareness.  Over time, the student’s awareness is refined while simultaneously developing strength and flexibility all in the “correct ways” and just like magic, all kinds of skills that were believed to be impossible are now possible!

Strength & Conditioning

Condition your body in the right way while understanding that fundamentals are key.

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Learn to tumble through the air and mastering the art of flight with sophisticated techniques.  No more learning by trial and error!

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Stunting for Cheerleaders & Acrobatics (Partner Balancing)

Learn how to trust your partner in dynamic acrobatic positions. We will take athletes through proper progressions on how to be a better base or a flyer.

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Handstand Training

There is more to handstands then just being upside down.  We will learn about alignment, postures and hand positions in order to become comfortable being on the hands.

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Aerial Circus

Take Flight! Develop your aerial skills by learning the basics of climbs, foot locks, inversions, and tricks, and progress to more advanced moves as you grow stronger on the air.

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Tots Gymnastics and Circus

These classes are designed to introduce fundamental movement patterns in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment, laying the groundwork for more advanced gymnastics and circus skills as they grow older.


It’s mind blowing what a trained flexible body can do.  Besides the obvious: splits, it improves the range of motion, reduces the risk of injury, increases circulation, improves posture, balance & coordination.  This class is a hidden gem!

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It’s all fun a games, especially when you know where you are when flying through the air!

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Breakdancing, Hip-hop, House

Rhythm, timing and musicality will be the framework.  Powermoves and freezes will come soon after.

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Modern Arnis

It’s a great idea to learn to protect yourself.  We provide a fun and progressive self defense program in the art of Modern Arnis and empty hand.

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Program Benefits

How We Get Results

Our Facility

The ABS Training Centre boasts a remarkable facility that has been meticulously designed to foster movement development, drawing inspiration from gymnastics principles to cater to individuals of all skill levels, even those without prior gymnastic experience. The selection of equipment is nothing short of exceptional, with a primary focus on enhancing strength and spatial awareness. The inclusion of rings and parallel bars plays a pivotal role in building formidable strength, while the trampoline serves as an invaluable tool for honing spatial awareness skills. For those inclined towards tumbling and tricking, the air floors provide a perfect platform, ensuring safety and mastery. Aerial enthusiasts can explore their potential using various apparatuses, not only for thrilling tricks but also for conditioning. Moreover, an abundance of mats is readily available to facilitate safe landings during the pursuit of high-flying acrobatics or the essential art of falling correctly. At ABS Training Centre, the facility itself is a testament to the commitment to holistic movement development and safety.

Get Started

Getting started is simple.  We have drop in for those that have busy schedules, private lessons for those that really want to focus on an accelerated individual program and last but not least, our weekly evening classes that have proven time and time again to provide incredible improvements.  In some cases, a well balanced training program coordinated with proper rest and nutrition has turned some into super athletes!

Drop- In


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Monthly Training

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Have Questions?

Here are some common questions answered

Each class at ABS is 1 hour in length.  Open gym is 2 hours and private lessons can be booked for any length of time.

Our program is difficult but not too hard.  We determine a baseline for the individual and have exercises specific to that individual.  As the exercises become consistent, the next level of exercises are introduced.  We are able to start with someone with little to no experience and develop their skills to a high level acrobat or circus performer.

The classes we recommend depends on previous experience as well as what the final goal is.  Many dancers want to learn tumbling for their dance routines.  Many come wanting to take the tumbling class but after an assessment, we determine that the best classes to take are actually conditioning and handstand foundations.  In every situation we have seen, the dancer’s tumbling improves faster by taking conditioning and handstand foundations then taking tumbling skills.  This is because our conditioning and handstand training is tumbling specific.



We have multiple classes on most days.  You can take as many as you like.  We do recommend that the classes be spread out over the week to maximize retention of information.  It is also important to gradually increase the number of hours and allow the body to adapt rather than burn out or get injured.

The cancellation policy for private lessons is 24h before the lesson.

There are no makeup classes unless previously determined at the start of the registered session.  For sickness, a doctors note is required.

Absolutely!  We have taught many individuals all kinds of skills in shorter then usual time frames.  Learning or refining tumbling lines or specialty skills for auditions, competitions, performances are the most common situations.  In many cases, this type of training can work for the short term projects but isn’t ideal for long term development.

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